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Operation Streamline is costly (and it doesn’t work)

In the 2013 report “In the Shadow of the Wall,” researchers from the University of Arizona and George Washington University found that the majority of migrants intended to cross again, that the effect of deterrence was difficult to measure, and that deterrence has a limited impact compared with other factors such as family and economic need.

The reason migration on the southern border is currently at its lowest point in over four decades is not Operation Streamline, but the economic downturn in the United States.

The costs of this ineffective program are staggering. According to a 2012 Grassroots Leadership report, since 2005, when Operation Streamline began, the federal government has spent an estimated $5.5 billion incarcerating undocumented immigrants in the criminal-justice system.

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5,000 posts!

5,000 posts!

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